Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its Perfect for me

Look at this picture so PERFECT........

I am wondering why I use the title of my blog A Perfect World. But I realize it's really true the world  is perfect, God created this in a very unique way. No man can make a world.  Sad to know that  people are destroying it. Knowingly or unknowingly. The victims are still we,  the people. Look at the  floods, the change of climate which are the result of the what we call global warming. People destroy the plants the animals and thier habitat. They even destroy themselves through the violence of war the destructive effect of drugs and even disputes of families.  So sad, I can't imagine. But, don't you know that the damage world can be healed by itself? If the people will not destroy it anymore, can you imagine that? If we  continue destroying our environment, what will happen to our future generation? Will the children  in the future see the green of their environment? The next generation  might be afraid to live in  this Perfect World. Many different organizations government, non government and the like are making so much effort to help stop the destructions but many have failed. Because people are hardheaded, stuborn and only after for thier self interest, So people in the world hope you could realize this, so that in the near future no one can be blame. We have to care the creation of God coz they are not ours...........!!!!!


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