Friday, January 16, 2009

A Place To Be Preserved

Camiguin is a place to be preserve, and not to be ruined. A place to be praised. Many people come to this place and they are so amazed when they see how beautiful the place is....why.......? They said it's amazing because of many tourist spots, there is plenty of falls, hot spring, cold spring, soda spring, white sand, caves, and all created by God to be appreciated. And you can praise God for having made this, its perfect!!!!!

Camiguin is born of fire because volcano is found here. There are seven volcanoes here and others say Camiguin itself is a volcano!!!!!. To those people reading this, next time I will explore the place of Camiguin so that I can put pictures here in my blog, for you to see how nice Camiguin truly is!!! see u...


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