Friday, September 13, 2013

Life Is A Gift From God

I Love you Lord, you make me perfect..:)

Just wondering why lot of people in this world commit suicide.Yet life is so wonderful and colorful, I  remembered in the midst of my  trial when I was sick before and I was  in the emergency hospital, in the next of my bed a person who are fighting for his life because he commit suicide. When I saw that person I am so worried and tried to whispered him " Please asked forgiveness of our almighty father for all you've done for your life, because you are not the owner of that, and you have no right to do that". After that my cousin informing  me, that person is already died  the doctor never save his life. How pity that person they did not appreciate all  the favor that God allow him to enjoy his life in this beautiful world. For that day I realized how blessed I' am , Even though I was sick that time but I know how to value my life and for knowing also that my life is just only temporary and I have to treasure this because this is a  gift from God.

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