Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Will I See you Again

When Will I See You again...???!!! When Will I see you again......................

Everything in this world we had a choose, to gain a knowledge for our better future, to settle down for us to have a family that we can call our own. We had our freedom to had a decision by our own. That is why when I start and decided to work with the place where I am now I fixed my mind this is it, to start a new beginning for my life. Because here is a remote place and sometimes if the typhoon always attack in this place I can't travel in the mainland but I have stay in this place for how many days and sometimes I missed all my cousin that they are the one who are part in my life. I missed those days went to church every Sunday, went to mall bonding together. Now so many things change already. Those cousin who are always in my side, they far apart. Some of them migrated to other country to find a greener pasture, some of them married already and had a family and kids. In short time and years change already. How I wish one day we could be together again.

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