Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy Week in my Place

Sun smilling at

Nice beach...... enjoy the breeze of the air...!!!!!

I spent my holy week in my house waiting for my visitors, I thought I could tour around the Island but so sad coz its rainning. So our agreement sorryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!. So all I have to do is to stay along the beach because my house near the beach. Counting the waves kissing in the shore. But I really enjoyed even I celeberated my holy week in the beach. Perhaps I admire the nature that God created for us, So nice I felt that God embrace me on that day coz I saw the sun smilling at me.
So even I have no really activities in that day I really enjoy coz we are bonding together with my mama, that I know I am not always with her coz Iam always busy with my work. So to the people there who has an old mother already sometimes we have to spend time for them coz, one day we never know they well depart from us. God bless you all...!!!!


  1. abi ko Bing nag anhi ka cdo... wla man cla mag church so wla ko kabalo wla sab diay ka. hehehe. miss you...

  2. lagi nay..wla na jud ko anha2x cdo..Famine pako karon..cge lng God is good..

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