Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy for this Month

Working in the Department of Education is very challenging. Specially if you belong to the non teaching staff. Its not easy, just like now my feelings is tired but excited. what a funny explanation but, that is my real feelings now. This is the time that we are all busy serving the teachers. During summer time, well..summer time here in the Philippines is the month of March to May. Its vacation time no classes so, we are acting as a maids of teachers. The teachers also acts as maids of students. That is the truth when, you are working as part of the Department of Education. The main reason why we are here is to serve the children. How I wish that other people who work in education has intention like this. Working for our new generation not working just for money but, from the buttom of there heart they are doing this for there future generation. So guys as of now I have no idea about my perfect world coz as of now Im a prisoner of my work. So my perfect world maybe I post that next week when there is activities again in the place of Camiguin...see u guys....!!!

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