Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Im so blessed

This place " The white island" my cousins were here, and they really

enjoyed the sea breeze and the clear water.

Part of view Camiguin Island, Philippines

I'm so blessed when I can served the people who are happy the way I serve them. Last week, I have visitors here in Camiguin, they are my cousins. I enjoy serving them specially when they always say " Thank You"..... Actually since I work here in Camiguin I have many visitors from different places that stay with me in my small pad. Not only my cousins but also visitors of my boss and my friends who like to visit Camiguin. They ask favor to let their visitor stay in my pad. The reason maybe because I'm single no husband that will be disturb. See, how good is life when you are single. Nevertheless, I'm also dreaming that someday God will give me the right man for my partner in life.. What we call my God's will..hehehe. By the way your cordially invited here in Camiguin.. and if you want my service to tour the island just sent me your message hehehehe lol..

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  1. wow!!! ang ganda naman ng camiguin!!! sana makpunta ako diyan!!! love ko beaches!!!